1. What Are We All About?

The One Couple One Punch campaign, launched in 2016, serves to unite individuals and organisations in degendering the issue of domestic violence.

Traditionally, media and our political/judicial elite often frame domestic violence merely as violence against women thus generating the false and misleading assumption that males are always the aggressors and are more capable of harming their female partners. Due to the lack of acknowledgement by major publics within society, the significance and seriousness of males as victims of domestic violence is subsequently overlooked. As a result there have been multiple cases where complaints regarding domestic violence against men have not been believed by friends, family or police. It is a repercussion of these instances as well as a distinct lack of organisational effort and government support within Australia to assist male victims that we acknowledge a gender divide in regards to this issue which fuels our cause. The One Couple One Punch campaign aims to raise awareness to the gender bias existent within society when dealing with these cases and promote equal treatment for all victims.

However it is not to say that unfair gender roles haven’t affected women either. Undermining a woman’s capability and their competence by typecasting them as immediate victims of domestic violence contradicts the work of feminists and the strong independent figure who is self-sufficient. With all the great strides being made everyday fighting to end domestic violence against women, it is important for us to acknowledge that domestic violence is ultimately a humanistic issue, not a gendered one. 

It’s time we shift our focus to uniting society and providing resources and adequate support services for dealing with all victims and all perpetrators.

The campaign title ‘One Couple One Punch’ strives to acknowledge how domestic violence affects all partner relationships, where each instance is as significant as the next. The phrase ‘One Punch’ alludes to the occurrence of violence however it is important to note that we are not attempting to undermine the severity of domestic violence, which in many cases is ongoing, or disregard emotional or social abuse which are equally as significant.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us here or on our social media platforms.

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